How do I prepare for a natural birth?

When we first fall pregnant we don’t really give much thought to the birth process; or to natural birth! But as each new trimester begins our thoughts turn to birth.  We may assume that we will just go into hospital and come out with a baby, but there is so much more to it thanContinue reading “How do I prepare for a natural birth?”

7 things to think about when being induced

There has been a lot written about induction of labour recently.  The new highly controversial NICE guidelines are due to be published in the coming weeks.  The guidelines are due to recommend routine induction at 39 weeks for all women, with a higher BMI, women who have had IVF or AFT’s, Women of Black, Brown, Asian,Continue reading “7 things to think about when being induced”

Partners and birth

The role of the birthing partner at a birth is that of support and encouragement.  This can range from being a quiet presence in the background to actively cheerleading and supporting as necessary Birth partners are generally put in charge of the environmental things,  So setting up the birthing pool.  Sorting out the lighting, connectingContinue reading “Partners and birth”