Private Hypnobirthing Classes in Chatham

Chatham dockyard

Pregnant and living in the Chatham Area

I can help with that! I’ve lived in Chatham for all of my adult life and know the Lordswood, Walderslade and Chatham areas really well. I worked as a Midwife at Medway Hospital for over a decade. I have raised all three of my children here and we have access to great green spaces. It can be a really great place to raise your kids too. So why not start your birth preparation locally too with my one to one hypnobirthing antenatal courses?

Why Medway Hypnobirth?

There a quite a few other hypnobirthing teachers in Medway, so what do I offer that is a bit different from the rest?

I am passionate about normal physiological birth and pride myself on offering up-to-date and evidence based information. I love that hypnobirthing is a antenatal preparation that can support all birth to be calm and controlled and peaceful. So it doesn’t matter if you know that you are planning an elective c-section or are planning a normal birth. Hypnobirthing will help you remain calm.

Hypnobirthing in Chatham

Many Hypnobirthing teachers decide to train after using the techniques and finding them to be really helpful, others because they have not taken preparation classes and found themselves in difficult situations. I have chosen to include hypnobirthing techniques in my antenatal classes, because I have seen first hand how useful they are whether you are having a highly managed obstetric birth.

My courses are built around how birth works and what we can do to maximise your chances of a normal birth, whilst appreciating the twists and turns of labour. Local caesarean rates are running at around 38% of all births, so I feel that its really important to prepare you for all all eventualities, and for you to understand the choices that may be presented to you.

Although I am no longer practicing as a midwife, I am a working doula and keep myself up to date with all the latest guidelines, research and national policy changes.

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