GROUP Hypnobirthing Class

Suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Full course over 4 weeks at my home in Chatham

Small Group Classes offer a personalized experience for you and your birth supporter.

What does the course cover?

The course runs over 4 sessions that generally last around 2.5 hours. The course, which will be tailored to you particular needs will generally cover:

  • How the mind works with your body to birth your baby. How hypnosis works and how it can positively impact your mindset. How this affects your pregnancy and birth in a positive way.
  • We will look at things you can do to ease your birthing experience.
  • We will look at the relaxation techniques which include different ways of breathing, using affirmations and special relaxations.
  • We will look at the twists and turns of labour and why intervention might be offered. We will look at how hypnobirthing works well in these situations and give you a really handy tool for making your own decisions.
  • We will look at delivering your placenta and the time immediately following birth.
  • The final session covers going home with a newborn. The immediate postnatal period and what you can expect living with a newborn.
  • We will, of course talk about, anything else that you wish to discuss!

This is an in-person, interactive experience, where you will be listened to and your thoughts and questions answered. It is not just listening to me rattle on for 2 hours!

These sessions will be at my home in Central Chatham and will be a small group of 3 couples.

This course will run on Thursday Evenings.

The course can be booked with a £50 deposit with the remainder being due 7 days prior to the course start date.

Price: £225

The modern approach to maternity care fails women, families and care providers with outdated practices that centre the needs of institutions rather than individuals.‘ (Reclaiming childbirth as a Rite of Passage, Dr Rachel Reed, 2021)

Don’t leave your birth to chance!

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