Frequently Asked Questions

When should you take Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes?

Hypnobirthing classes are ideally taken after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The classes I teach are one a one to one bases and so I am really happy to work around your dates. Ideally the classes should be taken over 4 consecutive weeks, however, I am happy to work around holidays that have previously been booked.

Learning to relax through with hypnobirthing tools will benefit your pregnancy, and so starting early can be valuable. However, if squeezing in a full course is not going to be practical, why don’t you think about booking an Essentials Course?

Is a Hypnobirthing Course worth it?

As a former midwife, I saw many women in labour with little or no antenatal preparation. I teach hypnobirthing because I have seen first hand how well the relaxation and breathing techniques work to keep both you and your baby calm in labour.

Hypnobirthing techniques are proven to work. My classes cover all the things that you need to know to birth your baby with confidence and calm.

Investing your time and money in a one to one hypnobirthing course will prepare you for the birth of your baby . It is an experience to be shared with your birth partner. Birth is huge event in your life; It is a Rite of Passage; a defining moment. A day that you will remember forever. Putting in the time now, can make such a difference to how you feel afterwards.

What does a doula actually do?

As your birth doula I provide personal support during pregnancy, at your birth and in the initial days and weeks postnatally. As your doula I aim to be a Birthkeeper; A Birth Friend; A Birth support person; A professional friend and advocate. I believe that every woman should have the chance to birth their baby in an environment of their choosing surrounded by people who will treat her as the expert in her own birth. I aim to form a strong bond with my clients so that they may find their birthing power and trust their ability to birth, however, whenever and wherever they wish.

Can you deliver my baby?

As a doula I do not bring drugs or medical equipment to your home, nor will I perform any clinical tasks. I come merely in a support role. I can not ‘deliver’ your baby, you will be the one delivering your baby! I am unable to give clinical advice but instead will offer suggestions, information, research and signposting to enable you to make your own decisions about your care. I am not insured to carry labouring clients in my vehicle.

Why are hypnobirthing courses so expensive?

As a midwife I earned a reasonable wage. As much as I would love to give away my time and effort away for free, it really isn’t something that I am able to do. When you work in the birth world, a lot of time and effort goes into staying up to date with current research and practices. The NHS is free at the point of contact, but actually is funded by the tax that we pay, and is actually completely underfunded. Antenatal provision is sketchy to say the least.

So, this is where I come in. I can provide bespoke information, that is tailored you and your personal circumstances, whether your pregnancy is straight forward – Low risk, or if it is complicated by medical conditions or pregnancy complications – High Risk. I can tailor the classes to suit you. I am proud to be able to provide this level of one to one care.

My partner is skeptical – Do they have to attend?

This is actually really common. Often partners who attend my courses end up being the biggest advocates of hypnobirthing. Assuming that attending birth is going to be a ‘spectator sport’ is one of the myths that we dispel very early on. My hypnobirthing tools will give them a whole host to tools and techniques, and the skill to become your spokes person when you are in labour and unable to advocate for yourself without you being disturbed.

So yes, bringing a birth partner (It doesn’t have to be your actual partner, it can be a friend or your mum) is really advantageous although not compulsory.

I’m having a C-section/Induction/VBAC; Can I still use hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a set of relaxation tools that can be used for any situation. Hypnobirthing will keep you calm whilst having a caesarean, or if you already know that you are likely to have your labour induced. It can be used if you are pregnant with twins, or if you have medical complications that mean you really don’t know how your labour will pan out.

It also also works whilst you are at the dentist, or in traffic jams, or when your toddler is having a tantrum!