Hypnobirthing Classes

Who is hypnobirthing for?

If you are pregnant then a hypnobirth is for you!

Ideally an Antenatal Course is best planned for the middle to second half of your pregnancy, so around 20 weeks onwards and it is generally better to have some time before the baby comes to practice what you have learned. However I can fit you in for a weekend course if time is tight or from around 16 weeks if you have a complicated pregnancy that may mean that you will birth sooner.

Hypnobirthing is great preparation for your birth however it happens. Some births will need help, that is the way of things, but a course with Medway Hypnobirth will prepare you for whichever way your baby comes to greet you.

What are the benefits of classes with Medway Hypnobirth?

Classes are:

Taught on a one to one basis by me a former Midwife.

Tailored individually to your particular circumstances.

Taught in a client friendly way that is easy to understand. I will teach you techniques that will help you remain in calm and in control.

You will gain an understanding of informed choice and the tools to make your own decisions.

I can help relieve your worries and concerns and prepare you for the confident birth of your baby.

What does the Full Course cover?

The course runs over 4 sessions that generally last around 2 hours. The course, which will be tailored to your particular needs will generally cover:

  • How the mind works with your body to birth your baby. How hypnosis works and how it can positively impact your mindset. How this affects your pregnancy and birth in a positive way.
  • We will look at things you can do to ease your birthing experience.
  • We will look at the relaxation techniques which include different ways of breathing, using affirmations and special relaxations.
  • We will watch and discuss positive birth videos. Births at home and in hospital.
  • We will look at the twists and turns of labour and why intervention might be offered. We will look at how hypnobirthing works well in these situations and give you a really handy tool for making your own decisions.
  • We will look at delivering your placenta and the time immediately following birth.
  • The final session covers going home with a newborn. The immediate postnatal period and what you can expect living with a newborn.
  • We will, of course talk about, anything else that you wish to discuss!

These sessions will be at a pre arranged venue. I am very happy to travel to your Medway home (or you are very welcome to come here). Alternatively, or if you live more than 30 minutes from Chatham these can be arranged over zoom.

What is included?

  • 4 x 2 hour Hypnobirthing sessions with me a
  • Gift bag containing Hypnobirthing book, Positive Affirmation Cards, cue cards for birth partners and some other exciting goodies.
  • Access to a variety of relaxation/affirmations MP3s and scripts.
  • An invite for meet up and a cuppa at around 37 weeks.
  • Me! The postnatal period can be fraught with worry and so you will have my personal support throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is 1 month old.

If you are expecting to have a planned elective caesarean, I can tailor the class using a Caesarean Birth framework. Please mention this at booking.

Is the session Postnatal Care of the New Family Available separately?

Yes the Postnatal Session is available separately and covers coming home from hospital with your newborn, what to expect in the first few days home, infant feeding, colostrum harvesting, your hormones and your mental wellbeing. Mothering the Mother. What to look for in a well baby. How you know your baby is unwell.

This session will give you the confidence you need to get through the challenges of the first few days and weeks with a newborn baby and a recovering body.

Price £50 (Via Zoom)

Price £75 (In Person)

How do I book

A FREE Taster Session

Introduction to Hypnobirthing (free online session)

12th February 2022 at 1030am

12th March 2022 at 1030am

9th April 2021 at 1030am

7th May 2022 at 1030am

Price: FREE

These sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes and I will find out a little about you and what you need from antenatal classes. We will go through what you can expect from my hypnobirthing course and how we can tailor it to your unique situation. We will go through a brief visualization so you can get a taste of how they work and how this will help you achieve your Calm and Positive Birth.

How do I book the Full Course?

I teach mostly on Wednesdays and Thursdays (with some flexibility)

I can be available during the day time between 10am and 2pm (start time) or in the evenings at 7.30pm.

Please contact me on the link below and once we have agreed the dates and times I will arrange your booking link for payment.

Price: £275 Via Zoom or £299 in Person

My next on-line Group Class on March 26th & 27th at 10.30 am until 3pm. (This class includes the above mentioned pack with the addition of a pdf workbook)

£250 per couple

Save your place with a £50 deposit. (Remainder due by 19th March 2022)

Further course dates are on the ‘book my place’ link.

The modern approach to maternity care fails women, families and care providers with outdated practices that centre the needs of institutions rather than individuals.‘ (Reclaiming childbirth as a Rite of Passage, Dr Rachel Reed, 2021)

Don’t leave your birth to chance!

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