Welcome to Medway Hypnobirth.

My name is Gill and I am the founder of Medway Hypnobirth.  I am a trained Midwife with over 15 years experience in antenatal, labour and postnatal care.  I have a passion for birth and hope to share my passion for birth with you.  

I have 3 grown up children (the first of whom followed a long journey of infertility and IVF) who were all born in hospital. I followed my birthing plan which literally stated that I wanted a ‘homebirth in hospital’.

Throughout my Birthworker journey,  I have been present at a fair few homebirths and seen many more babies birthed in hospital and in theatre.  Birth follows its own course and I have found that clients who use hypnobirth techniques are able stay in control of their birth however it happens.  I have lots of experience working with postnatal families and a deep understanding of issues that surround infant feeding.

What I do.

I work as a Hypnobirthing Teacher, Doula and Birth friend.  Which means I work in partnership with women and their families through their pregnancy, birth and into the first postnatal weeks.

I provide bespoke antenatal classes using evidence based information, which can include Hypnobirthing tools and techniques.

I will encourage you to make your own choices with the information provided by your healthcare professionals and afford you the time to work out the best way forward for you..

What I don’t do!

I do not deliver your baby (you will birth your baby).

I do not carry drugs or Midwifery Equipment to your birth (The Midwife will bring these).

I do not give clinical advice or tell you what to do,

I do not take the place of a midwife at your birth.

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