Hi, I’m Gill.  I am a trained Midwife now providing Hypnobirthing Doula Services in Kent and Medway.  I am delighted to welcome you to Medway Hypnobirth.  I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy and am so excited to support your journey to a calm empowered birth experience however, or wherever you birth.

Gill Marchant Hypnobirth Teacher

Have you heard about Hypnobirthing, but are not sure what it is?  No idea, what it’s got to do with giving birth?  Hypnobirth, in a nutshell, is a really good way of getting all those worrying thoughts out of your brain, and a great way of dispelling the myths and anxieties however you birth. When you combine this information with the personal support of a Doula you will be truly set to have the birth you wish for.

I run the Calm Births Course which is accredited by the RCM.  The classes run over four sessions and will help prepare you for an amazingly positive birth however it unfolds.  You can find more information about my affordable hypnobirthing Classes [Here]

I have recently trained with Developing Doulas, to update my knowledge and reframe my approach and so, if you are considering hiring a doula, I am now able to offer you my services as a Hypnobirthing Doula. You can find more information about having a doula at your birth on my Doula page [Here].

Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter.” 

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