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Morning sickness is a brutal initiation into pregnancy.  It feels so awful and unkind and to be honest it doesn’t just happen in the Morning. Pregnancy Sickness is a much better description.

I think the first thing to decide is whether this is a normal ‘feel sick, be sick’ phase or it has progressed into something a little more serious…. Hyperemesis. Pregnancy sickness is fairly common up to 80% of all pregnant women have some nausea and sickness in the first few weeks of pregnancy.  It can however, can strike at any time and it is not necessarily always in the morning sickness.  

Ginger biscuits are really just an old wives tale; some women do find that ginger can help, but conversely most find it to be a trigger.  Commercially bought biscuits often have high levels of sugar in them, which in itself can bring on nausea.  Homemade ginger biscuits may well be more effective, however, if you feel that ill, the chances are you will not be wanting to be making a batch of biscuits!  Ginger does come in other forms though, ginger ale (is non alcoholic) or ginger capsules from the health food shop may help.

Ginger for pregnancy sickness

To cope with pregnancy sickness

Rest – rest is going to be the most important thing… your body is attempting to make you slow down.  If this means you need to book off some sick leave for a few days (or weeks) then do so.  Depending how your company’s sick policy works, it may well be better to have a whole week off than be going in for a day, off for a day, in for a day etc.  Rest means rest.  It means lounging around in your pj’s and looking after yourself.  Sleeping, dozing and just being.

Nutrition – Eating when you can is so important.  Just a bite of a dry biscuit, a banana or a mouthful of yoghurt.  Essentially what you fancy, when you fancy it.  If you can try and take your pregnancy vitamins when you can, but do not take more than the recommended dose, even if you know you have thrown up the tablet.  Carrying snacks seems to be a great piece of advice, if the urge to eat hits, it may be brief you need something easy in your pocket to eat now. That urge to eat may not last long.

Look at holistic therapies – some women swear by acupuncture others use homeopathy or aromatherapy. Lemon can work well I’m told, as can ginger (useful to sniff if you can’t stomach it). Many women choose to wear motion sickness bands, which can also help activate various pressure points.

Hydration – this is probably the most important thing.  Again, little and often, through a straw if it helps.  Cold, room temperature, whatever works for you.  It’s the keeping your fluid levels up that is the important thing.

Try Ice lollies! They may be your answer!

Get support:  The Pregnancy Sickness Support is a great resource and has some really useful tips and information on the site.

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