A Maternity Wardrobe for all Seasons

What to look for as you choose your maternity clothing.

Have you come across the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe?  It’s a fairly new thing for me too but lends itself to maternity wear really well.  

it’s a simple and minimal approach to clothing yourself for a season.  I have been dressing this way for two or three years now and I love how I can just reach into my wardrobe and know that what comes out matches the other pieces in there and that they will work together. 

So, whether you are 8 weeks and feeling bloated or halfway though and finding your waistbands are no longer fitting, I have some top tips for you to help you pull together a wardrobe of clothing for this season of your life.

So a capsule wardrobe for some will be a bit like a uniform, but is not necessary to have everything the same, if that would bore you.  

The secret is to choose a colour palette

You can do this on Pinterest or just cut and paste items you like the look of into a word document.   Researching different styles and colours is part of the fun. The steps are

  1. Creating a mood board with colours and styles you love
  2. Choosing a simple colour palette that suits you and works together through the seasons. (It may be a different season next pregnancy)
  3. Choose staple items that will last as fashion changes. 
  4. Choose items with different weight fabrics that can be worn independently or together.
  5. Make sure that the items you choose can all be worn together, and interchangeably.

Everyone is different and will move in different social circles, the following guide will give you the basic capsule wardrobe that you can add too as necessary to suit your circumstances.

Capsule Wardrobe colour swatch

Staple Items

  • 3 Tee Shirts (1 x Black, 1 x White, 1 x Colour)
  • 3 Vest tops (pick neutral colours)
  • 1 Maternity Jeans
  • 2 Skirt/Shorts
  • 2 Black/Navy Leggings
  • 1 Nice Maternity Trousers
  • 1/2 Nice Maternity Top(s)
  • Long Cardigan
  • 1/2 Dress(s)
  • A Mac that fits for when it rains!

Choosing Jersey fabrics or something with some stretch in it is ideal.  Leggings are an excellent staple that can be worn on their own or under skirts and dresses.  A top tip I picked up is to go up a size and wear them back to front as they have more room at the back!


  • 1 Sandals/boots
  • Flat trainers
  • Slip on comfortable going out shoes

Sometimes your feet will spread or go up a size in pregnancy, be aware of this as you choose new shoes/sandals as the seasons change.  


Choose simple accessories that go with your colour palette.  Avoid belts as they can feel really uncomfortable.

Combining the pieces into outfits

  • White T, Navy Leggins, Long cardigan, flat shoes
  • Dress, Necklace, cardigan,sandals
  • Jeans, Coloured t, Sandals
  • Dress, vest and leggings if cooler. flat Trainers
  • Vest top,skirt, sandals

So as you can see there are many ways of combining just a few pieces into the perfect wardrobe for pregnancy.

Thank you to Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone Blog, for her suggestion of having a uniform based capsule.

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