Tegan’s Birth Story

This is the Story of Lilly’s Birth.  I have permission to post and names have not been changed at the clients request.

“All throughout my scans I was told that my baby was on the smaller side.  At my 36 week scan I was told that I had a small baby and that I would be induced at 38 weeks because she had fallen behind on the chart.  Gill had spoken to me about induction of labour in the hypnobirthing session and had told me how it worked.

I messaged Gill about what they wanted to do.  I was a little worried and she spoke it through with me again and she reassured me.

I went into the hospital on Thursday and they put 5 rods up me and ended up breaking my waters. It was really painful and I forgot to breathe and Levi had to remind me to do the hypnobirthing breathing – it really helped calm me down and focus on one thing! I was left to go into labour and spent the night trying to sleep, but was uncomfortable.  I listened to my tracks but was really worried about my waters having gone and being left.  The breathing really helped.

I spent most of Friday breathing and swaying and things started to feel like they were happening at about 2 on the Saturday morning.  Levi came back to the hospital and I was moved to the delivery suite.  I was doing really well swaying and leaning over the bed, but my phone kept going and my surges slowed down. Gill had explained that an epidural could be a good thing if I need to have the drip and so I ended up having an epidural in the afternoon.  My baby was born after about half an hour of pushing at half past 8 in the evening.

We had to stay in hospital for a few days as my baby had caught an infection, but we are home now all is good and she is breastfeeding well.    I was so glad that I had done the hypnobirthing classes as I knew what to expect and did not feel anxious.”

Author Note:

Tegan came to me when she was about 32 weeks pregnant, she was anxious and worried about her birth. It was such a pleasure to watch her grow and make decisions that were right for her. She has blossomed as a new mother and it has been a real pleasure getting to know her and baby Lily.

Published by Medway Hypnobirth

My name is Gill and I am the founder of Medway Hypnobirth. I am a former Midwife with over 10 years experience in antenatal, labour and postnatal care. I have a passion for birth and hope to share my passion for birth with you. I have 3 grown up children (the first of whom followed a long journey of infertility and IVF) who were all born in hospital. I followed my birthing plan which literally stated that I wanted a 'homebirth in hospital'. Throughout my Midwifery journey, I have been present at a fair few homebirths and seen many more babies birthed in hospital and in theatre. Birth follows its own course and I have seen hypnobirth techniques helping many women stay in control of their birth however it happens. After thoroughly researching different hypnobirthing schools, I settled on Calm Birth training as a calm birth is what we all want to happen. I hope that a Hypnobirth with me will aid your personal journey to a calm birth too and I am really looking forward to meeting you.

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