What do you need to buy for your new addition?

What does a new baby need?  

A new baby needs its mothers arms, some clean clothes to wear, a safe place to sleep and to be able to travel safely.   That’s about it really…..

What no carefully decorated nursery? No pushchair? No Crib? No travel cot? No changing bag, no bunny  I hear you say.  So the list of things that you actually need and a list of things that will make life a little more convenient are two different things.  

A baby does indeed need a safe place to sleep, many parents choose to have a crib or next to me style cot for the first 6 months or so.  Current safe sleeping research shows that sleeping in the same room as a parent is the safest place.  So looking at the space you have available, some will choose to buy a moses basket, or to use the carry cot that comes with the pram.  Others will purchase a next to me crib which will last longer than the first few weeks.

Baby’s need your arms, but can get quite heavy when we carry them for longer periods of time, even newborns, so a sling or convertible pushchair or pram is ideal.  Finding multi use items is a good idea, so using a carry cot instead of a moses basket is often a good idea.  Some pushchairs are available with matching first stage car seats.  Although it is better not to keep an infant in a car seat for too long.  Moving them into a sling or a carrycot/pushchair is safer when not actually travelling. 3 or 4 Baby Blankets and sheets will be needed.

Keeping them clean – babies will need to be bathed, although it is not really necessary to buy special equipment to do this.  Many families use the kitchen sink or take the baby into the bath with them.  Babies do not need special lotions and potions.  Plain ole water is often good enough to clean them and a little bit of baby soap or baby bath liquid can be used for washing stubborn hard to clean areas. Babies don’t need their own towels with cute hoods, but many families like to keep baby towels separate.

Babies need clothing!  I normally recommend that you start out with 10 basic sets of clothes.  So 10 Vests and 10 sleep suits.  Half a dozen pairs of socks and a couple of hats.  (Babies do not need hats indoors)  a couple of cardigans and some day time blankets.

There are lots of other things that you can buy, but not that are absolutely necessary.   You can sterilize equipment in boiling water if you have no sterilizer.  Supermarkets are generally open 24 hours and most things you find you need can be purchased fairly immediately.    I really think it is better to wait until your baby is here, before buying what friends and family tell you you might need.  There is no point spending a fortune on newborn size clothes if you then give birth to a 13lb baby. Alternatively, having loads of 0-3 month summer clothes and your baby comes early and it’s now winter before they reach that size.  Friends and family are all very generous when babies are born you will no doubt be given lots of things and you can always ask for vouchers to spend later.

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